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Mark E Ridley


The Author

Mark's mantra as an actor, writer, director, and filmmaker is "Unstoppable and Driven." He belongs to a family that loves music. As a result, he gets immense support from them as they value his singing and support him through learning and playing the trumpet and sax. He has accomplished many milestones in his life thanks to his enthusiasm for creating screenplays and producing films. A cheerful individual, Mark E Ridley constantly sees the best in others.



As he authors more and more nominated films, Mark adds writer and director to the many things he does. His movie, "Stolen Breath: The Truth Exposed," was a finalist for the coveted BLFC's best director award. He has directed commercials, web series, and movies, including "Bluest Moon." In addition, Mark created the "Raggedy Dad Apparel" clothing brand.