How to Teach Your Child to be Courageous

Your children may be afraid of many things. They may fear that there might be a monster under their bed or be afraid of the dark, and that is okay! It is a natural response that humans experience when they encounter the unknown. They become uncertain and may even try to back away from challenges and different changes they go through in their lives. They usually back down because they have a certain fear of failure when faced with life’s challenges. It leaves them wondering if they are strong enough to achieve the task at hand.

It is important to encourage our kids to take on new challenges which can remind them of their true strengths. Tell them it is normal to be afraid and that bravery isn’t innate. However, let them know it can be cultivated by trying. Tell them that they hold power to do anything they set their mind to. We should also tell them that they may never achieve victory if they don’t tackle their obstacles. Remind them that failing is okay and they can always try again. Remind them that you will always be there for them if they fail. It is our unconditional love that can help them thrive and grow into strong and courageous individuals who will be able to accomplish extraordinary feats as they grow.

Tell your kids that after failure comes success, and that bravery is not the absence of fear. Rather it is the ability to take all challenges head-on if they want to succeed. So, be there for them!